Air condition service in L701 1000cc

After i made service in air condition in my cuore L701 the temp in front vent is 12 degree.
Its ok?

this will depend on the outside temp.

How long did you vacuum the system? 20min at least is recomended but the longer the better.

Also how much gas returned from the system? If there was no pressure ie no gas in the system you most likely have a leak.

Also in my L7 the aircon doesnt do much while standing still, it will cool much better while driving.

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When the car is stasionary not enough cold air but in driving is much better

Good to see there was quite some gas left, so there’s probebly no leak or you have caught it early.
I see you only vaccumed for 8 minutes.
A longer vacuum will evaporate more moisture from the system.
This will lead to better cooling in the system and it will keep the AC working better for longer.
As stated previous 20minutes is the least you should for customers.
If you have the time vaccum for 45minutes.