Building the fastest 3 cyl in the Netherlands

Hello all my name is Jason and i’m originally from an island called Curaçao, I now live in The Netherlands for a few years now.

I had a black Fiat Cinquecento called BlackBullet, it was swapped with a 1.4 16v t-jet engine and was a blast to drive. Till I saw this small L80 and fell in love.

I hope to get to know all of you a little better and that we can learn alot from eachother.

Check out my project here Daihatsu L80 Turbo build

Greetings Jason


Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

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Welkom! What are your plans to make it the fastest one? And are you also going to oost updates on the forum or only on YouTube?

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Hey Mopius, can we both agree that getting parts for these cars especially performance related parts are hard to get here in Holland? I loved that challenge, have to make alot of things custom, wich I love.

Answering your question, I already have the turbo which I found by calculating engine CFM ect… was a few days searching for the right turbo… for me it’s a learning curve. I dont like to copy someones build, Malaysia is doing a great job, altho sometimes they use too big of a turbo.

Most of the build will be on youtube, I will surely check here to post some updates. I’m new to this youtube thing, bit shy :grin:.

Today it’s finally turbo manifold welding, L80 is very tight in the front, so have fabricated kind of a k20 manifold but reverse.


Performance parts hard to get? Not really… They are impossible to get xD The only way is by either buying a faster car and using the engine or to fabricate it yourself (something in which I’m terrible)

I’ll be sure to watch some of the YT videos.

Ps: fastest 3-cyl is a hard challenge with the GR Yaris being sold here. Or do you have something really special in mind? :wink:


Will have to try our best at it and see how far we can reach. It’s a process to build up… things will break along the way. Part of research and development :grin:

That’s a good point about the fastest 3cyl. Maybe aim for the fastest 3 cyl daihatsu :+1:

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You can always make a build thread in the build thread section in the forum. That way you can say what you would like share pics and ask questions and embed the links from you tube.

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A project topic nice idea. thnx

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Spooky? Where is your youtube content and project topic. I’m really curious about your build. It looks like you disappeared, like a ghost. :rofl:

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It was deleted here as per his request. It was rather abrupt (quick) so I just hope everything is ok with him and his family.
@Spoekie If you would like this deleted as well just let us know and we can do that for you.