Church's Daihasu Gino Track Build

Up the rear spring rates. Leave front close to std. Get a least a couple of degrees neg camber and increase the castor a couple of degrees also. A big no to drilled rotors, slotted is enough - if going to bigger wheels consider a Copen front setup. If I had an L700 and was to track it I’d go with the K3-VE and after market ecu. Will be much cheaper in the long run, be easier to drive and, I think, have more potential/dollar (okay I kind of said that). If you enter a CAMS event with a turbo ej-de you’ll be the equivalent of 1700cc and might have to run with 1600-2000cc. Up here that would mean running against some big dollar Cosworth 1999cc. The up to 1600cc would have you run against Corollas and Swifts. If you are to budget for one thing above all else it should be for the best tires you can afford. So I shall finish with this suggestion - before committing to anything else decided what will be the biggest tire/rim combo you are going to fit, and see what rubber is available.

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Thanks for the info, it really does put it into perspective on my engine options.

In the long run a k3ve is better, just not readily available as a full wreck for the right price but will still keep looking around.

Thanks for letting me know about rotors, slotted it is just wanted to avaid brake fade. Im still just considering sirion brake setup atm due to them being so readily available and i dont have to worry about tyre and rim set ups as much, maybe down the track i will consider copens when ive locked down and tyre and wheel setup thats right.

For suspension, i guess coilovers are the easiest as the adjustability is there for the settings you suggested.

Look into modifying the rear spring perches and run shorter dampers (you want to have the rear inner wheel lift at the limit). Custom rear springs are expensive. Closed ends and ground flat ended springs as used on coilovers will give you the least amount of grief in finding the right spring for the rear. Should not be a hard mod on an L700 and will be well worth it.


You know I’m here to help mate, just like RnD for my car.

Nice project does other type of brakes fit on the gino model sure it’s same efdet