Cuore L701 steering wheel vibration

In my cuore L701 auto transmittion when the engine is cold in idle position the steering wheel vibrates Up-Down.If i touch it with my hand reduced the shake.
When the engines is hot the shakes of the steering wheel in idle is less.
In a driving situation no vibration.
Is this normal?
Can i fix it?

Hey Jimmy! The vibration exist because the engine mounts are of poor quality! We talked about it before.

Try cutting the rubber of the mount to relax the tensety OR buy the original engine mounts OR find second hand original mounts at the scrap yard in good condition!

The vibrations are higher when the car is cold, because the RPM of the engine are higher. When the engine is getting hotter, the vibrations are getting reduced because the RPM are reduced. But while you are driving, the vibrations stop. That’s because all the force of the engine goes to your wheels.

Οκ my friend i must get used to with it.