Difficult gearchange after replacing oil in l700 manual trans

Changed the gearbox oil recently with some Castrol Syntrans 75W90 GL4 in my 5sp l700. Now gearchanges are rather stiff and 1st to 2nd is really clicky/notchy and will make a small grind when changing too quick. This wasn’t here before and was always buttery smooth with changing gears. Shifting when standing still is a tiny bit better, when it’s warm it gets a bit better, but doesn’t go away completely.

I don’t know what to do anymore, considering I put the same oil in as last change. All the gear linkage bushings are replaced, so I can’t blame the gearlinkage.

Do you think the oil is too thick/thin, or should I go with one that doesn’t have friction modifiers. What do you use gentlemen?

Yes, prob to thick. I use Redlone lightweight shock proof at about $25/litre

Redline is quite difficult to get in europe even though everybody is praising it, bit of a bummer. Had some people saying to me I should use a 75W80 or some sort with little to no friction modifiers for the synchros to slow down better when locking. I think I should try that first…

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