Fuel tank rusted in G100 CB61 turbo - is G102 tank the same?

Hi All,

Hoping someone might know as the usual places don’t have much info on G100 turbos. My brother has rescued a factory G100 CB60/61 turbo 5 door that has been sitting for around 10 years under a car cover. The little thing fires and runs on carby cleaner (amazingly well) but when we chased as to why fuel wasn’t feeding through a dead electric fuel pump and rusted tank were the culprits.

Does anyone know if a G102 (4 cylinder) tank is the same? I am hoping and thinking so but have been bitten before.


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Hi mate i’d like to say yes it definitely is but i’m not 100% quite sure about it
i believe it should be though.
Have you got a photo of it that could tell me as i have a g102 i could compare it to ?

Thanks! Will grab a pic tonight. Fingers crossed they fit! It’s the simplest fix.

Anyone know if those pics look like a g102 tank?

The filler tube is in a different position.

Thanks Dale. I wonder if this factory turbo tank is thecsame as the g100 3 cylinder tank… i hope the factory turbo tank isn’t unique. It has an internal electric pump so im thinking it’s going to be different to the naturally aspirated g100.

Certainly is different to the NA, the cb23 in the g100 is a mechanical pump driven off the head via the cam

Your best option might be a g100 NA tank. Fit an external fuel pump that is capable of 20 psi, and buy a Malpassi low pressure rising rate regulator with boost reference port.

Hi guys, the difference in tanks is between 3 and 5 doors (fuel filler tube is in front in 3 door, in the rear in 5 door). Carby/injected is no different, mounting point for the fuel pump is the same so you can swap over your previous one or buy any other.
Unfortunately I know this because my tank has rusted and theres no replacement for this in my country:(

Thanks everyone. We already have the new pump. That makes sense about 3 door and 5 door having different filler points. We have decided (rightly or wrongly) to flush the almighty hell out of the existing tank and get it back in action. At worst we will sacrifice our new pump. If that fails we will grab another tank and work around any issues (may involve external pump).

Update. We purchased a tank resto kit for around 80 bucks. Three stage kit and end result is a tank that now looks new inside. Car should be running by tomorrow!

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Great news! A tank should be good after lots of cleaning if it’s not rusted. Will have to do it to my G100 as well.