G203 Applause swap questions

As the title says, ill be getting a g203 shell from a friend in a few weeks (I’ll reveal it soon but some of you should remember it, previous owner has had it for around 8 years) and I’ll be putting my 1.6 from the spare applause I’ve got.

  1. Is there anything I should know before I begin?

  2. Can the radiator and air con cooler be put into the Charade or do I have to use the half size radiator?

  3. Intake plenum faces to the driver in the Applause, will this be a problem for the air filter touching the power steering reservoir on the Charade as the Applause has it tucked away?

  4. Gearbox from the Applause is being put in place, is this a drop in swap cv wise or does it need the Applause hubs etc?

Hoping to share many photos in the coming weeks!