L700 EJDE Start Issues

Hi, been offline for a while as Summer season was reserved for other projects. One trouble free month later my winter car makes problems of course.

So. I’ve got the 3Spd Auto 1.0

For some reason it doesn’t start when it doesn’t want to. New Battery, car turns, runs for 2 seconds, then dies off.

I try this up to 5 times (being careful on the starter ofc) , but once it runs, it does so acting like it didn’t even have issues starting up.

Giving it some throttle on startup doesn’t make a difference.

Sparks were changed about 15kkm ago.
Battery Is new.
Air filter is still ok.

So I suspect, Fuel Filter or Pump.
You got any other suspects?

Although plugs are new, I would pull a coil pack out reattach a plug and turn over to check spark really is happening. Or you could first up check fuel pressure. When I had a pump problem it would idle but not accelerate without stalling. If the pump is near completely dead it the engine could act as you are experiencing. Can you hear the pump run for a couple of sec when you turn the key to “on”?

Honestly, I did not even hear it when the car was working perfectly

Being in tank they are quiet. A slight whoosh sound is noramly audible, at least when poking your head / eat at the back under the car. Pump may have been loosing its ability to work efficiently for a while. Pul the fuel line to the fuel rail (be cautious of built up pressure) and see if a strong stream comes out when you turn the ignition on

Can you tell me where the fuel filter is located by any chance

Sorry not sure. Have worked on l700 but not owned one and can’t recall the Location

Technically they have no post filter, only a sock is located before the pump.

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