M100 shifter mechanism

Hello there,

I was wondering if the M300 shifter mechanism will fit my M100.

Hey! I have the M3 mechanism laying around here, and it appears to be longer than the one from an M1. I don’t have exact numbers tho :confused:

Yes, that’s what I thought at first and I still believe that they are the same, but I did a call at an old Daihatsu cars dealer, that still has the garage for the services and he told me that the mechanismes ar different… I don’t know what to say… What should I believe? The dealer or my eyes?

I guess you have to measure or fit both rods to know for sure. Why do you want it to fit in the first place, if I may ask?

I have a lot of play in my shifter, so I thought that a shifter from a newer sirion M3 will have a lot less warn than an shifter from a M1

Ohhh but you don’t have to change the entire mechanism for that! You can just buyt new bushings and o-rings, and it’ll feel a lot less wobbly!

I know that, but, in order to buy the bushings ect I have to jack my car, take apart the shifter, measure everything and search for the right parts… but that will take time and my sirion is the only car I have. The only way to rebuild it, is for someone to give me the measurments of the parts and to buy them before taking the shifter apart.

Would it help if I told you all the part numbers and where to buy them :wink:

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90043-86105 (x2) bushing shifter side
96711-19014 (x2) o-ring shifter side
90041-01460 (x1) bolt shifter
90041-79300 (x1) nut shifter
90043-86124 (x2) bushing gearbox side
96711-19011 (x2) o-ring gearbox side

the 2nd link shows a diagram with all the parts and where to fit them. You’ll have to use a grinder to get rid of the bolt that connects the shifter with the rod, which you can replace with the bolt and nut mentioned earlier.


Thank you mate!

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Is there a chance that you also know which partnumbers to get for an m300? I suck at these things…