M101 Sirion GTVi wheel bearing replacement

Hi everyone, I recently got myself a 2000 Sirion GTVi and turns out it needs a right front wheel bearing replacement. Is this a complicated job which I can’t do it myself with basic hand tools? About how much would a mechanic charges for this job if I go to the shop?

Thanks in advance for any advice

If you have a hydraulic press then yes you can do it by yourself. But if you would you wouldn’t have asked the question. :upside_down_face:


Your basic tools will at least let you pull the hub out. Like the DutchGuy said you will find it an easy job with a small press (I put my new bearings packed already with grease in a bag in the freezer prior to pressing in as they go more easily).


Thanks for the comments. I understand there’s nearly no way to do the job without a hydraulic press. Today I’ve been quoted AU$380 to do the job by a local mechanic, thank you again for your kind advice!