My L200 Topless


Definitely enjoying it :smiley: Honestly surprised at how well it handles on the stock suspension, not a lot of rear bounce ( to me anyways ) that I have heard a few people say on facebook. The engine bay gets too hot for my liking, not much room for air to escape and i might cut the rh side bottom of bumper between the ridges to match lh side, might do a little :confused: but a 3 core radiator is definitely on the drawing board and will be " Modifying " the intake similar to the pic I posted on facebook a few days ago as the pod filter off throttle body is not going to work for me, the thermo fan blows directly onto it :frowning: I might also look at a battery relocation to behind rear seat in the near future :slight_smile:


space the bonnet with washers. aka a crude bonnet vent.


picked up a Kuryakyn Hypercharger intake at the local swap meet a few weeks ago, was just the case and vacuum unit

the plan was to adapt it to suit the intake, fashioned a shaft out of 6mm galvanised steel rod, soldered a little ring onto it then cut some 0.5mm plate for the butterflies, polished and engraved them

unfortunately, this plan is on the back burner until I make a metal bonnet scoop to cover it after cutting a hole in the bonnet( required under the current ADR’s) or make another manifold to drop it underneath the bonnet, time will tell which way i go :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:
Got bored today, so decided it’s time to do a bit more body styling in line with my favourite look, Sex Spec :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: so started modifying the G200 side skirts i have had sitting here since writing off said G200 on Boxing Day 2017 still have to cut about 10mm out of them, note the gap at front guard and fibreglass a few bits and edges but happy with the general way they have turned out so far


Wow, that’s really close to fitting! Nice work Dale


Made both sides fit even closer today, still a few gaps but nothing that Sikaflex won’t fix as they have to be stuck down on the edges. Mind you it has thrown a spanner in the works on the paint side of things as mow more possibilities of how I want her looking when finished :flushed::flushed:


How was your Sunday?


oh that looks great it ads to the quirkiness of the topless


I thought the same about under bonnet temps. Did some measurements with a infrared gun, wrapped the exhaust manifold with fibreglass tape (mates said “they rust”, ehh they will prob crack before they rust) and you could tell just lifting the bonnet that there was much less radiant heat. I did remeasure the temp and it was down. Prob something I should have documented.

So glad the thing has gotten on the road.


this is so badass ! GO DALE


Picked up a 94 L200 from local wreckers on Friday so spent the weekend swapping out interiors, now Tefiti has an entire black dask, carpet gear knob and surround, sunvisors to match the side black carpet where the “Doors” are and 2 trays under front seats. Also changed passenger front seat as the one in there was from a 4 door and didn’t have the little lever that rear passengers use to exit the car, have both inner front guard plastics and both rear mudflaps all put on with factory screws.
As can be seen in the video, I have fitted the Kuryakyn Hypercharger intake to the EJ using a 90° piece of pipe with a plate welded onto it to hold the hypercharger, two pieces of 6mm threaded rod bent to suit are bolted to the bracket that held the original EJ Sirion airbox, to stop the whole thing moving sideways and hitting the bonnet. Got a non dented bonnet to go on but the Mrs doesn’t want me cutting a hole in that one so will see what happens later on.