Newbie bought an L500 Mira

The extractors are finally mounted. He claims that the extractor flanges didn’t align with the engine’s ports and that the unit was so much improperly bent that it was hitting the subframe. He ended up taking it to a welder who had to sort out the mess.
He also welded the Lambda port onto one pipe of which won’t pass inspection, until it gets relocated onto behind the collector.:



Hello guys,

actually you can find them all over the internet. But since a friend of mine got it for me (he lives in malaysia)
i cant tell you the sorce.

You where right. This was not nicely done and a welder had to fix most of it. We had to recreate a full exhaust.

And you are wrong. In this application it was legal with the lambda sensor. And since i used an Euro3 Catalytic Converter it would have passed.

But, since i got a rare Sebring Sport exhaust i had to change it up again for the TÜV.

And this exhaust got sold to a young guy who was very happy about the work and the sound and got
it legal

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[quote=“Mr_Gormsby, post:110, topic:1610”]…I wouldn’t use a pipe bender unless it was a mandrel bender. The headers I made for mine used mandrel bends…[/quote]If access to an expensive Mandrel bender isn’t feasable, a dirt-floored Italian garage solution would be to bend the pipes sand-filled, using a torch. The sand should be absolutely dry, in order to avoid steam build-up. One could perhaps drill numerous small holes into the sand wall on each of the tube’s ends. Say, 1.5 millimeters each, insuring an absolute absence of steam endangerment. The only drawback in perferating the walls would be that the entire bend would have to be completed during one try, because air entering the cooling down pipe will eventually emitt condensation:

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Some people find sand filling a success. I’ve only tried once and did not succeed. Instead of “mandrel bender” I should have said “tube bender” which tend to draw a tube around a die rather than a pipe bender that presses into a die.

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Practice makes perfect. Here’s a video where a Japanese bloke bent a pipe, without it being sand-filled. The torch’s head emitted an unconcentrated flame and he took his time which was no less than several minutes. It appeared to be one of those dying trades, like using molten lead as body filler:

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[quote=“Mr_Gormsby, post:108, topic:1610”]…There beautifully polished on the outside, but junk on the inside…[/quote]The following are available and appear not to fit your description. If you don’t recognize the following extractors, they then may be worth a try. From here, it almost looks like the adapter plate is finished in thick aluminium plate, the way those scratches appear:

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