Newbie bought an L500 Mira

The extractors are finally mounted. He claims that the extractor flanges didn’t align with the engine’s ports and that the unit was so much improperly bent that it was hitting the subframe. He ended up taking it to a welder who had to sort out the mess.
He also welded the Lambda port onto one pipe of which won’t pass inspection, until it gets relocated onto behind the collector.:



Hello guys,

actually you can find them all over the internet. But since a friend of mine got it for me (he lives in malaysia)
i cant tell you the sorce.

You where right. This was not nicely done and a welder had to fix most of it. We had to recreate a full exhaust.

And you are wrong. In this application it was legal with the lambda sensor. And since i used an Euro3 Catalytic Converter it would have passed.

But, since i got a rare Sebring Sport exhaust i had to change it up again for the TÜV.

And this exhaust got sold to a young guy who was very happy about the work and the sound and got
it legal

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