Shocks for a G100 Charade Sedan

I’m looking into doing some suspension work for my Charade, but I’ve had some trouble finding new shocks. I was wondering if you guys knew where I can get new ones? I would need either a website that ships to the United States or a car that has compatable ones. Thank you guys

Can you create an account here and then from the specifics of your body plate look for the specific part number;

What year?

Is it a G100S, G101S or a G102s?

Choosing this model;
(G101S) 1987/01-1990/11 CL SED CX MTM 5F 5D TBO SOHC STI 2WD;
Under the ‘Power Train/Chassis Group’ tab we can find the front or the rear suspension technical pop out diagrams with part numbers;

I can google ‘US: 1990 Charade G100 Shock Absorbers’ and I get hits so need more specifics on your year, model, etc.

Ah, thank you. I found the parts numbers CHARADE G102S-FHVE (1990 / 11-1993 / 01)