Sirion AWD conversion/ autocross build

If that was me Mick I do apologise, most of the time when I get messages at work, I get distracted my the fact I’m suppose to be doing something constructive

@DaleJeffree no need to apologize, I was referring to someone I was speaking to about gearboxes, not related to anyone here.


Something I’ve been meaning to get around to for a while now, making inserts for my wheel spacers. I was running 25mm on each corner but I now have some 20mm spacers for the rear. Now everything should be nice and centred.

Here are a few photos of the rear without spacers, you can really see the extra width in the body :smirk:


Been a while…

Couple of updates :grin:

EBC greenstuff pad upgrade

Made some new camber plates, now I have max caster and camber, and camber has been backed off to -1.7° on both sides with eccentric bolts in the steering knuckle. Seems to be ideal with nice even tyre temps on the front.

If anyone is interested in the old ones drop me a line. The will either give you more camber or more caster depending which way around you install them and they fit uniball flanges from K-sport or Maxpeedinggods.

Made some new door cards from some PVC sheet :sunglasses:

Most importantly, Livetodai sticker that can be seen from the on-board camera

After the race at Bremerhaven on Sunday im currently sitting in 3rd place for the championship (group 3a)
NWD-Cup 2019.pdf3a.pdf (196.2 KB)

Still Dai reppin here in Germany!
Thats about all thats been going on guys, just thought I’d share

Peace :v:


Saw your video on the FB group. The little Sirion was really moving! Nice work :ok_hand:


@b_hoves some on-board videos will be coming soon. Unfortunately I only recorded two runs before the gopro battery died…

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Hi guys, tested out the new brakes last weekend and they are great, but maybe a bit too good :sweat_smile:

As you can see the brake rotors turned blue from the heat. I decided to solve the issue by fabricating some scoops for the backing plates to duct some air into the centre of the rotors to help cool them.

Hopefully it helps keep them a bit cooler.

The poor old motor is suffering from a bit of blow-by so ive ordered a catch can that ill plumb up as an oil separator and keep it connected to the intake manifold rather than venting directly to the atmosphere. Should have that finished by tomorrow, then ill post some pics.

After the race last weekend im sitting in 2nd place for the championship. The last race for the year is in a few weeks, hopefully I can hold my position…


I got the catch can installed yesterday. It was a cheap chinese thing from ebay

It required a little bit of work… The holes all needed to be countersunk so the o-rings on the fittings could seal properly.
I also made up a small cover for the outlet to help stop oil getting sucked into the intake, and the actual oil separator has been filled with steel wool to help separate the oil from the air.

Made up a mount to attach it to the strut brace


It was a good season this year :grin:

NWD-Cup 2019.pdf3a (2).pdf (205.6 KB)

As promised, onboard footage from the last couple of races. Its not everything, unfortunately I lost the footage from Stoppelmarkt and we werent allowed to record at the Diepholz Airstrip as its an active military Airstrip. But heres the rest :slight_smile:


Hi fam, Motorsport season is starting again soon!
Hope everyone had nice holidays :partying_face:

Small update on the sirion, Got some 13x7’s for the old girl :smiley:
Got some slicks on the way.

Will keep you posted with fitment and so on

Peace :v:


Hope you enjoyed your festive time of year also Mick . The sirion is looking nice and ready for its up coming season. I actually love the green wheels and 13x7 nice width.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I also want to mention that I have copen brakes on the front, there’s been a lot of debate about weather 13’s actually fit over them. If you’re carful about the form and offset, yes they fit! I was really worried when I bought them, but they actually fit just fine.


Also for anyone who’s interested, these are called Intra wheels, they came on the older Renault Twingo. There seems to be many available for quite cheap (at least on my side of the world anyway) They are 13x7 +23 with a 4x100 PCD. I’m still running wheel spacers and with the widened body they poke just a bit. I’d guess without spacers on a normal Dai fitment would be just about perfect :ok_hand:
They are also reasonably light, much much lighter than my white 15x7’s that I mounted the semi’s to.


Nice Mick, those wheels set the car off perfectly.
Thanks for the handy tip on Copen brakes.

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Arrived today :heart_eyes:


Hope we get to see some video with those on… :+1:

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Of course :innocent:

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Maybe too wide, but I like it :sunglasses:


Very chunky looking!
Love it!

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You guys in Europe have access to some nice stuff. Can’t wait to hear how it goes.