Sirion GTVi M101 PCV hose crack

Hi all, my Sirion recently shows vacuum leak symptoms and today I found that my PCV crankcase breather hose has a crack on it. I’ve asked some local part stores nearby, but no one seems selling this kind of hose. Does anyone know where can I get one of them? I’m located at Perth.

you should be able to use any hose that will fit onto it. Just cut to length.

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The two ends of this hose is of different diameters so that the local part stores near me says I need to get OEM/genuine part…


Do you mean the pipe between air box filter and throttle body?

Can you please post 1-2 photos in order to have an image of the damage and also the part?

EDIT: Also give us mesurments of the pipe / hose please.

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One end of this hose is connected to the green device (I think it’s the PCV valve?) and the other end is connected to the bottom of throttle body.

The diameter of the smaller end (connected to green device) is 10mm, the other end (connected to throttle body) is 13mm.

Sorry I don’t know if my measurement is accurate because the plastic is quite hardened.

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Ok, this is the vapor vent hose. For accurate measurments, measure the green male part and the other “male” part that the hose go in.

If your measurments are correct:

  1. Buy a 11 or 12mm hose. 11mm is better I believe. Those hoses, while new, they are flexible and they can stretch!
  2. So, connect the hose to the green part (use a clamp to secure the connection, you don’t need to go crazy on the clamping!! Clamp it as it needed, so the hose is secured. Don’t forger the male part is plasic!)
  3. Then guide the hose to the other connection (don’t cut it!! Buy excessive hose!! It’s cheap!!)
  4. When you are sure the root for the hose is ok and the hose doesn’t overbent to the point to loose its shape, take a marker, mark the point you need to cut… and CUT IT!!
  5. If the other male point is also plastic (which I’m sure it is) use a bit of force to insert the smaller hose to the bigger male part, until it’s all the way in.
  6. Use a clamp.

Well done! Your job is done and done!

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Thanks for your kind recommendations and tips. I will try finding a suitable hose today.