The Gummy Thread


2000 daihatsu sirion gtvi on Gumtree


1982 Daihatsu Charade 5spd Manual 3cyl on Gumtree


For the Hijet guys…
Subaru Sambar 4x4 Supercharged Vans on Gumtree


Shame those vans haven’t been complied, good chance now they can’t be as not on the SEVs list :frowning:


Turbo charade on Gumtree


1995 Daihatsu Charade on Gumtree

Im scared that this is someone from here.


Toyota Publica (1000) Hi-Deluxe (KP30) 1975 on Gumtree

I love this car.


jeez, that charade seems exxy due to needing big ends done :open_mouth:


And being a stock g200 with rattle can painted mirrors and mud flaps…
I guess the engine enamel yellow cam cover and inlet cap makes it a show car.


Daihatsu charade on Gumtree


Daihatsu Cuore L700 on Gumtree

Pretty clean for what it is


K3 Copen


Daihatsu Cuore L700 2000 on Gumtree

Checked out this tonight.
Super straight car. Very low kms and very nice owner. Great for someone who wants a very honest car.


For the Vicky guys…




Cheap GTVi


Sooo cheap.
It’s a gtvi!
Daihatsu sirion on Gumtree


I love this thread :heart_eyes:


Blown Sirion with turbo


I know that car. Looked at it before.
It’s not tuned. No computer. The ecu doesn’t know what hits it when it hits boost.


Sounds like a really dodgy build.

Something rare? 3.5k Compagno