The Gummy Thread



Please view this ad:

Daihatsu 1982 Hi Jet Van,

Price: $3200


2.8L Diesel with 5 speed :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

1983 Daihatsu Low kms,

Price: $4,999



this is pretty cheap for what has been done to it :open_mouth:


Chazza sedan anyone?


Cheap and with a 5 speed :open_mouth:
Daihatsu Scat. Deisel,

Price: $2,200


Cheap GTVI Sirion with Rego, Canberra Area

Daihatsu sirion,

Price: $1,300


Please view this ad:

Diahatsu scat f50,

Price: $6,000

Download the application from the Google Play Store.


Daihatsu DL50,

Price: $550


Tail lights, Lots of Daihatsu models listed if you search this seller’s listings.

Daihatsu Handivan Tail Lights L55 $60 per light,

Price: $60


G10 Charade for Restoration $500 Perth W.A.