The Little giant killer

Well done it’s going to be much nicer for you with the air-conditioning. Cool stickers :+1:

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Filled the AC system with refrigerant and it works really nice.
It’s cold but not ICE cold, but that’s fine. It just feels so good to know when pushing that AC button that i installed it and that it works.

I just registered her again and got insurance.
So i’ll start driving her again tomorrow.

I’ll try to post the tutorial for retrofitting the AC on a L7 sometime this week.

Just out of curiosity… Does any of you guys know if there’re any L7’s with an automatic and AC?
I can only find manual L7’s with AC.


Well done and yes here in Australia we have some automatic L7 with AC.

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Did a little research… My L7 might be the only automatic with AC here in NL.
looking at the manual there are certain options never delivered in the LHD automatics in certain areas.
From what i can tell automatics also never came with powersteering, but i’m not really sure yet on that one.
Some do come with power windows and mirrors though.

On another note, i just saw a 1.3 HC Terios for sale for 550,- while i was looking for a parts car for the Cuore.
And i noticed that the seller is 1 of my uncles mates.
The reason it’s so cheap is because the belt snapped and the valves are bent.
If my uncle will let me store the car at his place until i fix it, then i’ll buy it.

I’ve been looking for a new 4WD since i wrecked my Niva a little while back.
If i get it it will purely be a weekend warrior (except for the rare few times i’ll need it for other stuff). As i’ll keep my Cuore as a daily.


No Terios. :sweat:

It’s not really fit for what i want to do with it.
I forgot the whole list, but the biggest issue is that it only has 2H and 4H. No 4L.


I picked up a tow bar a few days back, complete with the wiring for 35,- EUR.
I hope to fit it soon.

The rubber bushes on my front anti roll bar (where it goes through the control arm) are shot.
But not a single parts store can get them. Can’t even find them on ebay. Does any of you guys know if there’s another make/model that has bushes that are similar enough?
Cause i’m afraid to call the dealer and hear what they cost there.

Replaced the anti roll bar bushes today with some used ones that are in great condition.
But the problem is still not solved. So i guess i’ll have to get it aligned.
The old bushes don’t even look that bad.

These were on the right side.

And these on the left.

I want the exterior to look a little better. I’m getting tired of looking at the scratches all over her.
But i’m not sure yet how to do it. I was thinking about either wrapping or a roll on/spraycan paint job. Cause a professional paint job is just too expensive.
I like the reversibility of wrapping but it’s also a lot harder and a bit more expensive than a couple of paint cans.

I also want to make her look a little sportier. Other than cutting the bumper up a bit, do any of you guys have some more ideas to get a sportier look?

A little update…

Went to the alignment shop today. It wasn’t that far off. But he did say the front right shock might be slightly damaged.
The alignment didn’t make a difference. So i picked up a shock from the wrecker.

When i removed the wheel i was really shocked. I couldn’t believe i didn’t see it earlier.
If you look closely you can see the whole shock is bend

Now it doesn’t pull to the right anymore when i accelerate.
But it does feel like i need to get it realigned.


Now that the temperatures have gone down i no longer need the A/C. Instead i need the heater now.
But my daily commute is too short for the engine to warm up properly. And because of that i have to sit in a freezing car while driving to work.

So i decided to help the engine warm up a bit quicker. But i can’t use any plug in heaters and i refuse to use one of those things that either run all night or on a timer.

The way i plan on doing it is by heating the coolant.
Over the past couple of weeks i’ve been collecting everything i’m gonna need.

This is the unit i plan using. (Don’t look at the mess, I’ve got a lot going on).
I picked this up at the local wrecker. Unfortunately all 4 glow plugs were dead.

Luckily we had plenty of plugs that will fit even though they’re slightly different.
On the left the old one and on the right the new one. (Obviously).

In order to fuse the plugs i picked up this little high amp fuse holder from a Suzuki Alto.
The reason i choose this because it’s small, looks OE and can be fitted with of the shelf connectors.

To switch the system i’m gonna use a Carling switch. I haven’t tried to fit it yet but it seems it’s gonna fit perfectly.
The switch on the left is the Carling switch and the one on the right is the OE switch for the headlight adjustment.

Of course i’ll fit a relay as well and i do have one, i just don’t have a picture of it.

I hope to fit everything this week.

On a side note.
I recently found the first L7 automatic with A/C for sale. Which is the first one in a years time.
And because it was an import i’m now 99.99% sure we never got them from the factory with A/C in a automatic.


Not much has happened since my last post. :sob:
Been sick for a week and a lot of work to catch up on.

My car was due for it’s yearly check up. There was quite a bit that wouldn’t pass the inspection.
A few bulbs were broken, a very small exhaust leak, rear seat belts were slightly damaged, both ball joint boots were torn and a little bit of play in the right ball joint. When i went to inspect both ball joints the left one was perfectly fine and only replaced the boot, but the right one was fairly rusty. So i replaced the right control arm.
But after replacing it my steering was of again. So now i spend a little extra and got a ‘‘new’’ hub and stabilizer bar. And the steering is even more of now.

Gonna try to get an alignment done monday (AGAIN).

On the positive side… When i went to the wreckers to pick up the parts i noticed they got a new L7 in.
It had a spoiler, but not for long.:grin:

It’ll need a VERY good cleaning and some new paint.

Quick question…
Is there a difference between the 3 door and 5 door electric window mechanisms?
Would i be able to use the 5 door mechanisms in my 3 door?
I know there’s some difference in the length of the doors and windows. But 3 door L7’s with the ‘‘electric package’’ are hard to find around here at the wreckers.


What did you have to do to replace the valve stem seals? mine seem to have gone bad sadly…

Us aussie’s cant help with the 3 and 4 door question as we only got the 3 door over here. In saying that though, Last Year at a local car meet that happens weekly, a group of daihatsu people were there and to all there shock a random old guy turns up in a 5 door L7 but not to the meet just there to go to the supermarket. Someone asked him about his car and he just shrugged it off like he thought it was an old piece of crap and didn’t care about it. I wish I had of been there to see it myself.

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With the right tools you can do it without taking the head. But i recommend just taking the head of.
What makes you think it’s the valvestem seals? Cause the oil consumption is usually caused by the piston rings.

Just remember to put a bolt in the camgear to save yourself a lot of work and frustration.

Thanks anyway. It was worth a shot.

They are quite rare here , but my local wrecker just happens to have one.

They should’ve bought it from the old man. :laughing:

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your not wrong. I think there were just too stunned

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All symtoms lead to it being the valve stem seals, there is also no damp coming from the oil cap which would mean that the piston rings have gone bad.

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It is typical for the EJ-DE to suffer from both piston rings gumming up and the valve stem seals to be leaking. Due to the 2.5 litre oil capacity, regular oil changes keep this from happening as quick. The upside is 5 litres of oil is two oil changes for the price of one.
Viton rubber valve stem seals for both inlet and exhaust are a great idea, (I’m not sure of the late 90’s) but older cars had plain rubber valve stem seals for the inlet.


About the only help with windows is the mechanisms were different between the 3 and 5 door G200 charades, different mounting points.


A little teaser of what’s to come. :grin:


This update came a little later then i hoped. What started as a calm and quiet week turned quickly into very stressful and busy week.
Had to find a replacement transmission for a customer and later a whole car because the transmission is impossible to find a replacement for.

But back to my car.
I not only decided to paint the spoiler but also some interior trim.
The color of choice was high gloss black. The paint looks a lot better in person.

And everything installed.
I even removed the original 3rd brake light and wired in the brake light in the spoiler.
And of course it works.

Looks so much better if you ask me.
After seeing the high gloss black parts installed i think it need more.
Like for example the handle on the boot lid, the outside door handles and the mirrors.
They look so old and weathered.

So… Now i have to get more high gloss black and clear.
Plus there’s more in the pipeline.