What tyre size for my sirion M100?

Hello there guys and gals! :wave:
Last year, I changed my stock rims 5Jx14, on my sirion M100 989cc, to aluminum 6Jx14 and I used my stock tyres 165/65R14. The reason I kept them on, was because they had some life left on them and I didn’t had the money to replace them at the time. But I’m planning to change them next month, soooo, I was planning to go widder and lower. 185/55R14 and that because the rims are 6Jx14! The minimum correct tyre size for the rim is 175/60R14, so if my stock tyre size is 165/65R14, then: 165/65R14 ~= 175/60R14 and then 165/65R14~=185/55R14 right? :thinking:

I have put 175/65 on my 14x6 inch rims and they look to sit fine. I admidetly have only done this as they are the only tyres I have a full set of but also are on a mira but I also have the same tyre on my 14x5 wheels on the yrv and while they sit taller they are fine also. You could try some online comparison sites and tools so you can get a visual if needed.

Thank you @evilhighway for your reply. I just want to go widder, without incresing my fuel consumption. In any case, I will go and ask in some tyre shops here. They will propably know best, it is their work anyway, so must have the “know how and what” right? Thank you again!

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Also check on size availability. Back in the 80’s on my Datsun B110 I ran 185 and 205 in 50 series. Perfect size. But I ended up stuck with lots of 14" rims and could no longer get tires. Wish I could get those sizes in good rubber these days. As such on my L200, I went to 195 or 205 50 15 on a 7". This was due to the huge range of tire options. Big pain to make them fit. I wouldn’t do it again as I’d build something completely diff in a full space frame open top race car.