'02 YRV for sale with low-mileage engine - UK ( Surrey ) CHEAP

My lovely YRV has to go as I’ve been unwell ( no - not Covid! ) and just can’t get round to solving an ECU puzzle. Good condition generally - a small ding on the l/h rear, no rot, new brake calipers. Put in a 13,000 mile engine but the ECU got confused and it is not a runner right now. If you know your stuff it is sortable. So comes with the 100,000 original engine which needs a top-end job. New gasket set and valve seals in the kit.

Message me here or mail me at terryhaynes2002@yahoo.co.uk. I’ll send photos for anyone genuinely interested.

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Hi mate, what engine are we talking about? and where do you live?

It is a 2012 MyVi 1.3 vvt with under 13,000 miles. Slotted straight in but there is something tecchie with the ignition rotor / ECU which has me foxed, so I also bought ( from the same guy ) the ECU & immobiliser modules but then I got ill and had other things to worry about. With new brake calipers etc I’m in for over £700 on this car and fed up with it - I’ve got a Volvo Cab and boat to keep me happy! I’m in Warlingham, Surrey about 4 miles from the A22 / M25 junction. Let me know. Tezza terryhaynes2002@yahoo.co.uk