1.5L HE-E into a G102?

Hi all,

Does anyone know if the HE-E will go into the G102.? I have been able to find a reasonable HC-E 1.3 to swap out for mine with its cracked block… but was hoping o swap it for something a little racier.
The HD-E 1.6 is pretty hard find now for a reasonable cost. $1500 plus if you cant be bothered sourcing a donor car.

Any info appreciated as always



I havn’t done it but I do believe it should fit, the difference is in the hight of the deck/the block is taller.

Here’s a vid of the engine with the exhaust manifold removed. I’ve searched as much as I could to rule out this being a welch plug… but from what i read this kind of crack it common when you have an issue with over heating… which i did the night this happened. Ironically - the outside temp was 1 degree in ADL when it occurred . Brought this from a wreckers last engine replacement… not sure how it was treated in a previous life before I got it…

So I checked out the newer variant of the HC-E in a wrecked G200 down south of Adelaide. The thing ran well which is a bonus to see it in action but the oil was pretty bad and it was blowing a fair bit of smoke out the tail. Worried that the piston rings are stuffed. Think I might go with the more expensive motor - low KM import HC-E… Still a gamble, but feel a little better about it. The HE-E was gone by the time I got there and no HD-E anywhere in sight within my budget. Considering I am a novice at all this gear - sticking to a straight swap first go probably isn’t a bad game plan :wink:

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