1.6 (pyzar) into 3cyl carb G200

-1.6 swap into 2 door 94 g200 -
Have: 4 door 4cyl (1.3efi), 2 door 3cyl (1.0carb), 1.6 from a pyzar with detomaso head

Can anybody clarify here if all the gear from the 1.3 (HC-E) will be sufficient for the 1.6 (HD-E)?

I plan to run the 1.6 in the 2 door charade (that was previously using the carby setup) using what I can from the 4 door.

I have been told that I may need to get a later year loom to properly connect the choke on the throttle body but I can figure that out when I get to it as I should be able to get the loom required or a detomaso throttle body.

Do I just need to swap over the fuel tank as well? I read somewhere that I’ll need to change the fuel line is this true? Or will the 4 door tank and efi setup swap straight in and support the 1.6 without any tinkering?

Any further points of information anyone can bring forward about this swap will be greatly appreciated! Even general g200 charade tips on maintenance or things I should check while everything comes out of the car


You will need everything from your donor car installed into your g200, fuel tank, fuel lines, electrical looms. The carby choke cable won’t be needed as the choke mechanism is built into the EFI throttle body.