1.6 swapped Charade XTI Sport / 1.3 Charade TR from the Netherlands!

Hello everybody! My name is Hidde, and i’m from the netherlands. These are my charades:

This is my 1997 Daihatsu Charade XTI Sport. It came out of the factory with the 1.3 HC-E motor, but that’s been swapped out for a 1.6 HD-E engine from an Applause. Its bloody quick for a charade, and really fun to drive. the car does 0-60 in 8.8 seconds. Currently the engine is almost completely stock, other then the mechanical applause ignition being swapped out for the standard digital charade ignition. This allows it to rev up to 7500 rpm, wich it does quite quickly because the engine also has been fitted with a lightened flywheel. I’ve also got a g100 cam for it wich i’ve yet got to put in.

It’s quite a rare trim level for a charade, considering it has an electric sunroof. It’s also got power steering. On the pictures the car was still on stock suspension, but i’ve recently put some golf mk2 coilovers on it. Im currently in the process of getting the car MOT ready again. I’ll keep you guys posted!

This blue one is my 1997 Charade TR. This one is completely stock, and i use it as my daily driver. I picked it up for 400 euros. The car was a trade in and it had a broken alternator, so when i went to pick it up i took the alternator that was on my other charade. When we arrived at the dealer we swapped the alternator out in the lot, placed a new v-belt and took it for a test drive. The guys at the dealership weren’t used to people working on cars in the lot so they came by every 10 or so minutes to check on us :rofl: after taking the car for a test drive and making sure everything worked as it should, i payed for the car and took it home. I immediatly took the car on to the autbahn and drove it home at 100mph :rofl: with 116k km its actually quite a low mileage car, and i am the second owner. It was a perfect daily for a great price.

Its nice to be on this forum now, i’ve had quite a hard time finding other charade enthusiasts in the netherlands.

Hidde :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome. I really love the black over silver of the smiley face charade you have it looks really nice. It sounds like it goes quite good too.
We have a few people from the Netherlands in here also. :slight_smile:


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Thanks! I love your mira dude, that thing looks really awesome!

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Dankjewel chef!

Fantastic Charade. Welcome.

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