14 inch rims question

Ok i like to fit 4x100, 14 inch, et13, 8j on my L700.
Do the rims fit mij car or not…

I have a set of 4x100, 14 inch, et35, 9j rims.
But the rims are half a inch to wide for the Cuore.

Like to now if the et13 wil fit my car.

Yes, but they will stick out more from the hub than stock wheels (which are probably something like 5j ET40

The lower the ET number, the more ‘outboard’ they are from the hub.

Thank you, that helps a lot…

@spotnic I use https://www.willtheyfit.com/ maybe it can be of use for what you are looking for.

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the site is a big help, i now the rims will fit my car now.

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Go beyond rim size and ensure you can get tires. There’s just not much around in 14".

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Same size wheels and that’s how they sit with original suspension, after driving a while I would defiantly advise widening the arches as they rub in the rear a little.

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