15 inch on my cuore L700

Ok new project

I was thinking of dropping 15 inch on my little cuore,
Did some research and wanted TOM’s racing rims.

Super expensive and hard to find in Holland
So thought ill make them myself, first some 15 inch rims.
What will fit on my car, so past a junkyard to try on some rims that will work for my project.

Opel Astra G rims are good and fit nicely.
15 inch 4x100 ET 49

But of course it wasn’t what i’m looking for.
So i bought Mercedes hubcaps…yes hubcaps.

But didn’t need the star, so it had to disappear.
The only option was to cut them out …

Looking good.

Thats the look i’m going for.

From the front

Now all white and a few stickers.

Ok not all white :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Hubcaps are still a work in progress
But you get the idea.


Habcaps are back from painting… Sweet.

Now i have to wait for the tires to get here

They are 165-45-R15



Man that is so bad ass I love it! love the thought process and the creativity and man they look great.
This is definitely a double thumbs post!

:+1: :+1:


Looks great! Well done

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was fun to do and much cheaper than original Tom’s racing rims

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Honsetly it makes me want to do something similar with my 13’ stockies. They are full of tread but the cheap hub caps are terrible

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Oh my god I love the look of those wheels!


Ok tires are on the rims

Now a before assembly pic

And one after

Looks nice doesn’t it

Ok but that’s not all…
Outside with daylight!!
It’s raining but that shoudn’t spoil the fun and the looks.

Well that was it, hope you liket it.
And that people get inspiration from it.



That’s look neat!

Make the billet of the habcaps in black so it’ll look like floating at the centre

Was thinking about that, but then the turbofan look is gone.