18 sirions later

Gday again fellas…

This is my 18th Sirion…

Over the last 2 years ive played around with these little race cars. Typically buying sick ones with a simple issue like a blowout between cylinders, clutches, untidy and the odd one for wrecking.

Only had one gtvi in that lot but was too far gone to be repaired. Quite a fan of the ejde, to the point im putting one in my buggy.


Welcome Andrew. THAT’S A LOT OF SIRIONS!!


Yip… started with a look on gumtree. First one had a jammed gbox. 2nd one had good gearbox. 3rd one needed good panels from second one… kinda escalated from there. Ive found that the ejde motor is prone to the oil rings jamming up from poor servicing. These have been the best cars for fixing up as a set of rings, big end set and vrs, you have a great motor. They wear only lightly and even at 200k theres still hone marks in the bores.


EJ The World :wink:


That GTVi must have been the one I bought from you. Its starting to burn a little bit of oil at 250,000km.
the last 70,000 km have been almost all highway use.
Regards Whitworth

I had no idea they were so good, i just thought they were simple but fragile. so keen to boost mine after talking to a few different people lately.! thanks for your experience friend.