1980 vintage Charade XG


Save the photos and description if you are interested as they vanish after the auction ends or when the classified is withdrawn. Feel free to repost them below. :slight_smile:

Apparently when I was a very small kid I was nearly killed in a two stroke even older Daihatsu when it was heavily rear ended. May have been the same shell and a lower trim level or older, not sure. Have asked mum but she’s asleep :smiley:

Neat old car though, time capsule unicorn condition. Priced higher than when new, ha ha.


jeez that’s in alright nick

If I hadn’t seen it up close, I would have taken it for a Datsun 210 or Toyota Corolla. Did perhaps Daihatsu share an assembly line with manufacturers other than with only Subaru (Justy=Sirion)?