1982 Charade G10 parts

Howdy folks,
I’ve joined this forum from Western Australia. My girlfriend and I are currently struggling to find some parts needed to get her G10 Charade back on the road, namely a rear wheel hub and front swaybar links.
If there’s anyone out there that is able to help us or point is in the right direction to sourcing these parts, new or used, we would very greatly appreciate it.
Thank you all and :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3:

Hello and welcome. If you have any pics of the G10 please throw a couple up. That can help the family here get geed up about helping look for what you need.

Are the rear wheel hubs with an integrated drum brake?

Thanks for the advise and interest Mr_Gormsby and DaleJeffree.
Pics of the parts needed and the vehicle above

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Does the hub just need new bearings pressed in?

The hub is cracked inside on the bearing seat

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