1985 S66 Hijet AB-51 Engine Inlet Manifold (Buying)

Hi all, I’ve got a 1985 S66 Daihatsu with a need for a replacement on it’s Inlet Manifold. It’s a two cylinder so they’re a little bit rarer. Coming up short trying to find it online.

The Engine is an AB-51.

G’day mate, yeah the AB 51 being a Hijet engine is going to be harder to find, Japanese market will be the best bet. Have you tried Yahoo auctions?

Yeah :frowning: No luck.

I’ve reached out to a few parts stores too. Still waiting to hear back from https://yokohamamotors.net/

What about the inlet manifold needs to be replaced? Can it be fixed?

I am searching Yahoo Auctions and I’ve found two whole engines but no inlet manifold yet.

Hmmm, I even checked S60 as well as they are essentially the same engine. I have found nothing.

Can you please post some pictures of the inlet manifold you are having a problem with?


As you can see the Thermostat Housing screw hole is broken. Thought about some sort of clamping or JB Welding, but wanted to see if there was a inlet manifold first off.

Your best bet is to get it repaired by someone who can aluminium tig weld. Despite being 40 year old casting, it’s a fairly good quality material. Once it’s done a new hole can be drilled and the thread tapped again. It’ll be like new.
Which country are you in?

Thanks Dale! USA.

Mate, please post up a thread with pictures of this beast. I love a Hijet but I love the two cylinder even more. They are a killer engine.

Good luck with the repair.

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