1988 Mira from NZ!

Hey everyone! Mike here from NZ - I have this little beast for a few years now and mid way through a engine swap! :slight_smile: been on the fb page a while but the build has been on a pause for a while, getting back into it and hopfully have it fire up soon!


Very cool. Certainly an 80’s variant with a face like that.

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Welcome to the Forum. Love the Mira!

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nice. another kiwi :+1:
flip that’s a classic mira!
what engine you swapping?

thanks man :slight_smile: I have a EJ-VE but I see that the VE models are not used too much and im struggling with wiring. I may have to get a EJ-DE if I cant find a reliable wiring diagram :confused:

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oh really - i thought they were basically the same?