1989 Mira car help

Hey guys, my little wee beast is having issues starting. Maybe she’s sat long maybe that’s why she’s having trouble starting as stated by the last owner but sent me a video of it being transported so I know she runs qnd only got a wof last month, anyway. I changed the battery and topped her up with 98-only because I use 98 in my altezza and had 10L of 98 in my spear gas tank. She powers but is not turning over, is this because I filled her with 98 instead of 91? I dont want to ruin her but turning her for ages hoping she starts eventually but don’t want to flood her. Any help would be nice before I get a mobil mechanic to check her out :grimacing::roll_eyes::unamused:

is the fuel pump working. 98 is fine

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Start with looking at things like plugs, then leads and distributor. Good spark or weak? Then look into fuel issues. 98 will be good.


Mr G and Mr Evil have covered most of it. All an engine needs to start is fuel, spark and timing. Check silly things like, are all the spark plug wires still connected? and the distributor wire? Is the fuel pump working? Is the a blockage in the fuel lines? If it was sitting a while the fuel could’ve turned to varnish and clogged the lines. If the lines aren’t clogged but smell like varnish maybe get rid of all the old fuel in the lines before trying again.


also check fuses in engine bay incase one has popped (fuseable link) look for either a pink or green coloured bigger style fuse would be a good place to look