1989 Mira for sale

Iโ€™m selling my 1989 4 door Mira, been used as business vehicle since Iโ€™ve owned it, have mechanical records etc. Fresh wof rego until aug 2022 great car but sadly has done its use for me :heartpulse::sunglasses::sunglasses:$$$$ so ready to pass her on :sob::sob:


Now thatโ€™s sustainable use of a vehicle. I doubt many EVs will get past ten years. What can you replace it with that might last as long?

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location, price and pics may go a long way with your sale. Also is it L700 or L200 etc?

Good luck with sale too :slight_smile:

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Honestly I dont want to sell it but putting on the market to see what offers there are. I know not many. Iโ€™m also torn because I need a 2000+ vehicle to get more work. Yet this business wise helps me keep within a certain threshold thanks to the expenses. Thatโ€™s a main reason I dont want to sell. But if selling means I get a car 2000+ that I can make more money on even in the short term why not?

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