1989 Mira-Newbie from NZ

Hey guys wondering if anyone can help me. I purchased a 89 Mira 4 door, everything is stock. Im wanting to install power steering qnd places ive enquired at has said to purchase the parts from an exact model that has power steering or close to. Can anyone please assist in what kind of power steering/which other model can i put as an alternative if there are no other options.

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i don’t think they ever had power steering even in the very special rare models… you could maybe make sirion power steering work.

Adapt an electric power-steering system, perhaps?
Might be easier?

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Some JDM came with electric assist.

Set the castor at zero. New tires. Lots of psi. Steering will be light.

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Would you be able to suggest where I can get this electric assist system or a which model I can get the parts from?

I think smart cars have an electric power steering system.
With some Googling I’m sure you’d be able to narrow down your search to a few models of similar size.

There is no plug and play option. Whatever you do will require significant time and modification to work, imo.

You’re better off just getting a larger steering wheel :rofl:

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I’ve helped play with some electric power steer in a race car for a lady driver who is quite small and the car has huge race rubber and aggressive geometry. We first used a Nissan electric assist. It was a pain and horrible to drive since we could only figure out to have constant power and not have the speed sensitivity and steering angle alter the feel. Vauxhall do an electric-assist in their cars and we were able to get a an aftermarket plug-and-play ecu for it like this Corsa B C - Kit - Electric power steering controller box - With ECU plug - EPAS | eBay which at least easily allows variations in the level of assistance (you can then add resistance proportional to speed via elec speed sensor). Do some searches and you’ll see you can get them for Opel, Renault and others. When we did it years ago it was only Vauxhall.

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there seem to be some electric units in Malaysia on www.mudah.my, if you are on facebook maybe ask one of the Malaysians if they could hook you up? won’t be cheap though

Cheers everyone, thanks for the help!! :grin::grin: