1992 CB23 G100 Slow project

Though I would start off my build thread here. Even though not much is happing right now. A head valve leak is stopping me from driving it right now. But I have plans… don’t we all
We rebuilt the engine around 8 years ago, and removed everything from the engine bay that we could.

  • Overflow and coolant bottles moved behind the bumper.
  • Battery in the boot.
  • Break fluid and wiper wires move to behind the dash
  • Indicator and Light wires move to the wheel arches.
  • Gas lift bonnet, (taken from the boot lid of another G100)
  • Too long ago to remember the rest.


Nice man!
Welcome to the new forum, looking forward to seeing your build progress.

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Hello and welcome, I love the g100 it’s my third favourite Daihatsu.

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very nice man I just put another engine in my old g202 (now my daughter’s) I had about 1.7kg taken off the flywheel and put a 2 inch exhaust on it and I realy think it isnt far behind the power where a 1.3 series is.

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yeah, I remember I had the flywheel lighted, but it was so long ago, who knows how much :confused:

I’ve thought about putting a 1.3 in but I really like saying “1 litre, what’s your excuse?”

I had a 1.5 h series years ago and although they go well Im not much of a fan. I bought the g202 as a run around and at the time needed a car that day and it was the best bang for buck on that day. It was between a mk2 gti swift and the g202. If the charade was a h series I would have gone the swift but I like 3cyl engine’s. Also now its my daughter’s car so its a basic car for her and she is collecting all turbo bits for when she is on her open licence to turbo it. Good thing was she cooked (well and truly) the original engine and I was able to get another one for it for $150 with gearbox and all other add ons.

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any side on shots of this beast? those wheels look interesting :smiley:

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Sadly she is sitting in the long grass, waiting for me to get time to even make a start again :confused:

The wheels are Momo off an Alpha, 5.5" wide and just fitted with some massaging to the wheel arch lip.

Found this old photo. I did polish them up and painted the darker part black.


I think they have bent out of shape from sitting not being used, so the might have to go. Which sucks


Take them to a wheel place first to get sussed before you think of throwing them

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It’s been 5 years since my last update and I thought i would update everyone.

nothings changed, it still sadly sitting in the yard doing nothing… one day.


Consistency is key.