1993 G201 Detomaso

Thought i’d start my build thread again of my detomaso. Bought as an auto running extremely rich and needing a good clean up due to a dodgy backyard spray job at some point. Here’s the day i got it home.

First thing i did was replace the stock springs with some lowered king springs that i swapped with my other HD converted G200 that was getting sold. Here’s a pic with the new springs.

Next big thing was the manual conversion which went fairly smoothly with the help of a donor car.

Manual pedal box

Pedals and shifter in.

Pic of the new bolts for the clutch pedal mount and clutch cable.

Recently just completed a ring change, hone and had the head reco’d due to the smoke cloud that was following me around.

Also been buying some new genuine parts just to clean and tidy it up and a manual cluster to replace the auto.

Currently put about 100klms on the rebuild and so far so good. Have a few new pieces on the way from japan like hoses and other little bits under the bonnet and have replaced most of the bolts that are visible in the engine bay. Overall plan is to get a decent respray and restore the car to a presentable stock condition.


Nice work! Always loved the HD from when I had a Feroza and added headers etc, they are a good engine with the detomaso one being the ultimate.

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very good looking DeTomaso :heart_eyes:

is it easy to find part for them in Australia?

Thanks mate, genuine detomaso parts are rare but standard charade parts are everywhere.

This this is awesome. Makes me miss my old detom converted aus spec

Took it out for a good drive last saturday and put about 140klms on it and it ran great. Also got a few new parts in the mail today :slight_smile: Car is also booked in to get a new exhaust and hi-flow cat next wednesday. It currently has a big cannon that i can’t stand and is way to loud also probably from being a 2.5inch system and has no cat. Will be replacing it with a 2 inch system.


Love to hear stories of changes to improve the usability of a car rather than striving for a cool image/look. The whole “canon” exhaust just screams “try hard”.

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I couldn’t agree more Mr Gormsby.

I have never been able to see the point of mods that don’t improve performance.


Took the car down to cars and coffee at kariong on the central coast today. Sat on the freeway for about an hour and ran great and the new exhaust is so much better. Here’s a couple of pics from one of the guys from a classic jap club.


Did you get a 2" system in the end?

And how is the oil consumption after the hone and rings?

Yeah mate went 2 inch with a hi-flow cat. Sounds so much better, nice and deep but not an annoying noise anymore. I’ve probably done about 500k’s and it hasn’t used a drop of oil and is running great. Fingers crossed it holds together.


The starter motor has been playing up a bit lately and sticking and making bad noises so i grabbed my spare and have pulled it apart to give it a refurb and a bit of paint. Here’s a pic of it all stripped down and cleaned inside. The brushes are still good so i’ll just be cleaning and greasing everything and it should be good to go. Have to pick up a new wire wheel for the grinder to finish the casing off then probably give it a paint.


Got the starter all back together and pretty much cleaned up except for a few small bits that still need some work. All new nuts fitted and i’ll give it a quick coat of paint. I’ve got the next 2 weeks off work so will chuck it in then and do a few other little bits like changing water hoses and gear shifter aswell.


My starter sqawks sometimes on a cold morning - had thought about doing a strip down and re-lube. What grease did you use for yours?

I just used a marine grease i had lying around. I used it on the small gears and the shaft that extends out. I have no idea if it’s the right stuff to use though haha.

Marine grease = water proof grease. Would be the perfect stuff.

Not much to report but drove the car to Katoomba a couple of weeks ago from newcastle and it ran unreal except for the weird noise the clutch pedal started to make as i got to katoomba. Anyway made it home taking it easy on the pedal and ended up ordering a new genuine one from japan through impex. :smiley:

Thought i’d throw a pic up of the part number if anyone needs it. Was about $75 delivered to my door with a weeks turnaround. Local dealer wanted the same price but 3 weeks delivery and i had to pick it up :confused:



Havn’t done a lot to the car lately except for drive it and enjoy it. One thing that has been bugging me though was the state of the carpet. I was going to get a new moulded item but they all seem to be two piece and i wasn’t that keen on going that path so i pulled out the original this weekend and used the warm weather to give it a good clean with the pressure washer. It’s not perfect but alot better than before.







Love the detomaso man.
God it looks good in red.
Out of no joke over 100 cars and bikes Iv owned, one of my favourites was the f2 with detomaso half cut swap.
I always wanted a g200 detomaso.
Back in the day they were just unheard of.
I really love the red.

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