1995 Daihatsu Charade Rally

Hi There

My Mum had the above car while she was alive. Her Husband purchased it new for her prior to his death and she loved and looked after the car really well. In fact, it only has 76,000 K’s on the clock. Mum passed away very suddenly in January and the car has just been sitting around as we all have our own vehicles.
I have discovered it’s really hard to get a proper price on the vehicle and thought someone here might be able to offer me some suggestions on what it is worth and where would be a good place to list the car? I have photos if needed.
Thank you so much in advance for any help any of you may be able to offer me. Cheers. Jazz

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Hi Jazz,

Some photos would help. Ext, interior and under the bonnet. Low K’s indeed. Where are you located?


Mr Gormsby

Thanks Mr Gormsby

Located in Brisbane. Will save the pics to my computer and post them in a few minutes. My Mum loved the car and took very good care of it. It was a constant joke in the family that Mum drove the car to Sydney once and that was the farthest it had ever been driven :slight_smile:


I have more pics but seem to only be able to upload 5

Absolutely fantastic looking Daihatsu. Someone here should be able to give you a good idea of value.

Thanks so much for that.

I really have no idea how it works on here. Can everyone see the photos I have posted?

Yes. Good images.

Thanks so much

Car looks great Jazz i’d say around $2500 to $3000 maybe but i’m pretty sure it’s a 3 cylinder which makes it a bit less desirable unless your after fuel economy then it’s great.

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