1999 Daihatsu Sirion M100 Questions

Hi All,
Im new to this forum and new to Daihatsu. I have a 1999 Daihatsu Sirion M100 model and
Im having problems with the drivers window.Its electric and goes down ok,put winding the window back up is a problem.Sometimes gets stuck halfway and not let me wind up or down unless I try again in 5 minutes or longer.Does this mean I need to change the whole window regulator? im currently trying to remove the regulator,does the rail for the window/glass come out with the regulator? I need to inspect the regulator and if nothing broken then lube with this garage door lube spray I got some Supercheap Auto.Im in Brisbane,Australia,any recommendations where to get a window regulator?
Also I have either left? right? side or both noisy wheel bearings,is it dangerous to keep driving with noisy wheel bearings? and should I avoid highway driving till the wheel bearings is fixed?
Any help answering my questions would be appreciated.


first, check the switch for the windows, it could be faulty. second, get your bearings replaced asap or there could be more damage done to the hubs

The switch seems to be working,or is it possible the switch can partially work or work for a number of seconds? Also,having a noisy wheel bearing I should avoid highway driving because of safety right? until I get the wheel bearings replaced.


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If you have noisy bearings front or back they can lock up & you will be lucky if you don’t have an accident so please replace them ASAP.

Thanks for the Welcome and the info guys!

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