1krfe using more fuel per 100km

Why is my 1KRFE using more fuel?
Yes I am using E5 fuel
So far I tried cleaning up the map sensor.

Is it a:

Clogged cat?
Leaking exhaust V
Sensors not functioning properly?
Brakes binding
Ignition coils worn out?
too heavy engine oil? I am using 5W50 atm. Maybe 5w20 would work better?

I would love to have first hand knowledge of the 1KR-FE but Daihatsu was pulled out Australia in 2005.
Run whatever is the recommended oil based on the temperature of your local climate, thinner grade oils for colder conditions.
Check that the air filter being blocked or excessively dirty would be my first go to, as a dirty filter will massively restrict the engine’s ability to breathe.

its all checked. Cat is not good I guess. Exhaust leak yesterday. I have renewed the rest

If you have an exhaust leak in the manifold before the 02 sensor this could explain why the car is running rich.

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does a decat also not help?

Oxy sensor would be my pick with using fuel with ethanol .

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Defenitely don’t use such thick engine oil!!! The correct oil is 5w30.

I doubt it’s a clogged cat or bad coils, cause then you would lack serious power.
Binding brakes you should be able to feel.

It could be a sensor or injectors that are stuck open a little.

How bad is your fuel consumption?

A little side note… My previous L7 used noticeably more fuel on E5 than E10 (with my driving style at least).

E5 I use. does a decat loose backpressure?

Backpressure is a false myth, exhausts don’t need backpressure. If you have removed the cat brick from a manifold and have not reduced the internal size of the void it will kill engine power.

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E5 from which gas station?
Yesterday i put E5 in my car as usual, and lost a lot of power and it started consuming much more. I will never get my fuel from that gas station ever again! (It was a texaco, in case you’re wondering).

Vanraak/Shell/Janssen Tighlet, local pump my project cars 99% use this fuel.

They buy from Shell.

Anyway I got a small leak between the lambda sensors so will fix this first

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