2002 cuore k3 removel

Hey there guys. Ryan here from down under.

I have just brought a daihatsu cuore with a k3 in it from the gtvi and unfortunately tonight cars stopped abit better in the wet weather then i did and i played bumper cars with the car in front of me.

What the purpose of the thread was to see what i need to remove from my cuore to keep the k3 swap for future evolutions of the green rocket.

I do intend to buy another cuore to put the k3 in but im not sure what i need to keep.

My guess is
Engine/box/cv shafts
Wire loom

Do i need to remove fuel tank with fuel pump sender unit? Or does the cuore tank and sender work?

Cause my airbags have gone off will my ecu be buggered now? or does the ecu not control it?

Do i also need to keep like fans/ radiator? Or does the cuore one work also?

Do i need to remove the peddle assembly or again is it still all cuore?

Im just abit stumped on what i have to remove. And if the engine harness and body harnes is different or the same

Thanks any help would really help

You need the subframe with EVERYTHING that’s mounted on it, the body loom, ecu and cluster.
You’ll also might need the keys, locks, ignition lock and immobiliser module.
The fuel tank, pump and sender unit are the same.

The airbags are on a separate module.

I recommend keeping as much as you can from the wreck. Cause parts are getting harder and harder to come by.
Especially keep the brake pressure regulator. These are starting to fail more and more often since the past year or 2.