2003 Copen for sale (Canberra)

I’ve got a 2003 Copen with 153k on it for sale in Canberra. It’s mostly good but has a few issues that will need to be repaired, hence the low price.

The main problems are the window regulator for the small triangular rear window has either broken or become disconnected (not sure which) and will have to be repaired or replaced (roof still works fine). The other issue is that the brake master cylinder appears to be leaking internally so sometimes the brakes don’t work properly.

It’s currently registered in the ACT, but the brake problem at least will have to be fixed before driving it on the road. $3000 OBO.


is the rear window failing to come back up or failing to go down? I only as as when we got ours the driver side rear window stayed up and then just started working the next day. I was obstructed by the rubber seal has come loose and got jammed. and after putting it in its right place it hasn’t been an issue. Just thought it may be a quick fix that may not put off a potential buyer.

Doesn’t go up or down, it’s just loose in the channel. If you look inside the body you can see that regulator isn’t connected, but I haven’t taken it apart to find out exactly what’s wrong with it. It might be a matter of just putting things back in the right place, or it might need a whole new regulator.

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Car sold today.