2004 Sirion M100 1.3SL springs


Just been reading about the website and saw a post about using Fiat 500 springs at the rear to stiffen the back up as a way to improve handling.

I’m not looking to race the car or anything, but I’m sure it would be a better car with harder springs at the back. I don’t want to drop it - the roads where I live are terrible! And I can see standard Fiat 500 springs 2nd hand on ebay for the price of a couple of beers…

Just looking for some advice really - does this sound a reasonable thing to do with no other mods to dampers etc?


PS I understand that Suzuki Jimmy dampers fit straight in at the back and they might be more effective than standard

I owned a M101 and had standard height with +30% stiffness in spring rate. It made it handle really well. I installed 2 factory rear anti roll bars with modified brackets and it made a smaller difference but not as good as the springs made.