2009 Cuore L275 front bumper fog lights

Ever since i owned my 2009 Cuore, i wondered if there are foglights available for install.
the plastic inserts in the bumper practically beg to be replaced with foglamps.
But i have used Google (and this forum of course) but i cannot seem to find any.

Anybody got tips?
Picture for the frontbumper in question:
IMG_20221006_163802545 by Bas, on Flickr

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Yahoo Auctions is the answer. But be careful, international shipping costs are pretty high at the moment

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Welcome, can you try to remove the plastics? From pictures it seems that there is a round hole underneath it which means that there are more options available if you could leave the plastics off.

[quote=“b_hoves, post:2, topic:6130”]…Yahoo Auctions is the answer…[/quote]Not for long. You’d better hurry:

【お知らせ】欧州経済領域(EEA)およびイギリスからご利用のお客様へ - Yahoo! JAPAN

Woah! That sucks!
Sorry to hear that. Hopefully private importers can still help out.

The foglights for the Japanese market don’t fit the Euro bumper! A friend of mine actually imported a set of them for his L276 but they straight up don’t fit. The front bumper on the JDM models is actually smaller and the foglight cutouts are shaped differently. They were sold in Europe with foglights, but finding an original set is beyond impossible. I always keep a screwdriver with me for whenever I see one equipped with them so I can “borrow” them lol

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Side by side of the bumpers differences:

Fun fact, the L276S is actually a L276LS with the L probably standing for large due to the larger bumper (making it too long for the Kei sizing class)


Have you considered trying to find a Japanese bumper and then equip it with foglights? You might get lucky finding one at that Yahoo auction. The disadvantage would be the loss of protection, through sacrificing collapsable space, though

First off thanks for all the replies! They are all helpful to me and i greatly appreciate it.
So its not as simple as i hoped. In that case i might come up with a DIY solution or using a 3D printer. I’ll try to pop the plastic piece out of my bumper and look at the possibilities. I’ll keep you updated on my progress. Once again, thanks!