2szfe k3ve

Hi to all.
As i wrote on my presentation, i own a Yaris with the 2szfe.
Since there always been curiosity about this minor toyota’s brother i want to share some pics about the wotk i did in the last 10 and more years.
From the turbo bolt on conversion with stock internals to the last n/a quest.
I did the turbo conversion in 2014 when the Yaris was my daily.
Was my first work so i had some issues but learn a lot from them at the point that i made near 140.000km with that setup:
K3vet aftermarket ex mani
Td04 13l
Uprated fuel pump with return system
Greddy emanage ecu
And a lot of handling mods.

In 2020 i buyed a Subaru Forester to turn the Yaris in a full race car with roll cage etc.
So no more daily street use.That was my dream and the dream must be followed.
Initially i purchased all forged internals to build a strong and powerful turbo engine.
I’m in C class category so it means that i’m with till 1.4 turbo and 2.0 na class with only cc and weight limit.
As you can think, you can find from group a to e1 class preparation so with the stock engine the first season was hard.
But ,as a large group a fan, i really really love the a5/k9 class in rally regulations back in the day…so i decided to build a k9 engine for the Yaris.
I purchased n/a high comp pistons,high duration and lift cams and beginned to build my own itb’s (starting from alfa romeo’s carburators).
Now i’m doing the compression ratio setup and finishing the head ports tonclose the engine…
Later i will finish to build the itb’s setup and the exshaust mani.
I will use an ecumaster classic for the management…
I will leave some pics of the progress!


Homemade Itb Setup still to complete


Open the block.
As you can see the cank has only 4 counterweights.
They sent me the wrong valve springs so i had to machine lancia inner lower springs shims to 1.6 mm to give the stock ones more preload.
Now intake valve springs on preload are 15kg and on 8mm lift are 42kg.
Still have 2mm of play @ 8mm lift.
Still to finish to port head


Now i’m setting the compression ratio and the squish…so some machining and measurements jobs must be carefully done.


Awesome! Love a good set of ITBs. What brand were the rods and pistons?


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Art Pistons
“Carrillo” rods.
All goods from Malaysia.

Just incredible. Amazing work.


Thank you.not amazing but i’m doing my best since i’m not a mechanic and it’s all homemade because i’m poor😅


Cr set to 12.2:1


Slowly i’m doing some progress

Intake and exhaust porting complete so i re-send to the machinist the head for light shaving and the block for take away another 0.1mm from the deck to set the proper quench target.
The bottom end now it’s assembled.
Spend some time to paint some goodies and to make some progress with the itbs


Pre assembling check


Amazing, love the ITB’s!


Thank you​:raised_hands::hugs:

Time for the exhaust fabrication