3sz dipstick

Hi everyone!

Guys, I have a question for a problem I have with the 3sz … I don’t have a dipstick (actually I have the k3 but it’s shorter). I bought a Terios 1.5 dipstick but it’s longer.

Can a good Samaritan take a photo of the length of the dipstick in a l700 with 3sz, with min and max, to be able to cut mine?

please please :pray: :pray:

Make a long dip stick our of thick wire. Poke it down till it touches the bottom. If you know where the oil pick up level is, do a good estimate of the min oil level. Fill it and make a mark at the indicated level. Repeat for the max level which should be just above any windage point.

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I found this old picture! Not sure how accurate it is, but it’ll be around that figure


Thank very much to both! I can finally measure the oil level!!! :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: