3sz lower temp fan switch

Howdy guys
I’m looking for a lower temp fan switch for my car - Sirion 3sz-ve
The original switch activates at 98 degrees celsius and turns off at 94
That’s a little too much on the edge for me
I would like something that turns on around 94 and turns off at 90
Any cross compatible switches that you guys know off?
Original switch - Engine Coolant Temp Sensor for Daihatsu Sirion 2008 - 2013 1.5 – ozautosport

Oh and a lower temp thermostat as well
Stock one opens at 82 degrees

Thermostat you have the Dsport option which opens around 68 degrees

Temp sensor wise, thats all it is “a sensor” and the ecu does the fan cut in/out (as far as i know)

So putting a new sensor in will do nothing to the cut in temp

Thanks for the reply bud
I’m sure it’s a switch that tells the fan to kick in, could be wrong though

If its like any other modern car ive worked on its 100% a sensor that feeds a temp input into the ECU, to control all aspects of the engine (cold start, fueling etc) which also include fan cut in

there’s a fan switch and a coolant temp sensor. both don’t go to the ecu.
but there’s also a intake temp sensor, this on goes to the ecu.

Wow ok really? On a 2008 3sz motor?

Even my old 89 subaru coolant temp sensor fed into the ecu (alongside the gauge) for cold start control?

Whereabouts is the fan switch? Ive never really seen many on newer cars? As all control is usually from the ecu, being a newer m300 i assumed this to was the case

My older m101 only seems to have one coolant sensor, one oil pressure switch and an intake air sensor? Or is it tucked away?

It can either be connected via the coolant switch or controlled by the ecu
Need to figure out how the 3sz is connected

oh, i must have misread. i’m not familiar enough with the 3sz.

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