4x100 conversion to L200, L500, L600 parts, pieces and guide

I have converted my L500 to M100 brakes with the 4x100 conversion. I went about this using the original EF series gearbox and without a jackshaft.

-RH side (Drivers Side Axle )
The drivers side requires a reasonable condition M100 drivers side axle and speaking to a machinist to shorten the axle’s overall length without C/V’s to 543mm.

In hindsight. I would highly recommend asking the machinist to remove the material from the inner C/V splines and for them to re-cut the splines to fit a EF series inner C/V cup. The axle that I own has the shortening done on the outer C/V end and can only accept a inner C/V cup from L700 and M100 cars in the corresponding design.

From the style of inner C/V that you chose you need a corresponding gearbox seal, using the inner c/v from a M100 or L700 alters the size of the sealing surface by 6mm and requires a 45x68x16-22.5 seal, which does not exist, Although you can use a common seal that is 45x68x12 and a piece of your old seal and sealant to compensate for this if you have to. OR you can ask the machinist to machine the sealing surface down to 39mm on a M100 or L700 inner C/V cup when machining the axle allowing you to retain the factory drivers side seal.

Using a inner cup from a EF gearbox is the better option as you are able to retain the factory drivers side seal, which is 39x68x16-22.5 these are slightly hard to find and somewhat pricey, although a better option than the former.

-RH side inner control arm
if you want a reasonable track width that fits most wheels underneath the stock guards on a L200, L500 and L600, use a L700 or L880k lower control arm. You can use M100 sirion components but this extends the track width far past the guards. The L880k and L700 ICA allows you to retain the factory tie rod ends from your steering rack.

-LH side (Passenger Side Axle)
The passenger side is comparatively easy as it does not require machining and only uses a factory Daihatsu L700 or L880k passenger side axle, these are the same length and will fit M100 and L700 front steering knuckles. This side requires a 45x68x9 oil seal, these style seals can be found most commonly without a dust prevention lip which is up to your choice and what is available.

-LH side inner control arm
The same part as the RH side, from either car that you choose. L700 and L880k fit underneath stock guards and also do not require you to change the tie rods.

The steering knuckle from either a L700 or M100 can be used with either side of the car, these don’t differ in measurements and are functionally the same part.

-Front Brakes
The most value for money is M100 brakes, they provide a nice increase in stopping power and are commonly found and they can also fit underneath 13" wheels if you choose. You can also use calipers, rotors from a M300 or a L880k although these limit the minimum size wheel you can fit to 15" because of their position.

*Note, GTVi bits sound fancy but are the same as stock sirion stuff. Just more hassle finding these parts, but your car your choice. And all caliper changes require the flex hose or rubber line corresponding to the caliper.

-Rear Brakes

Using L700 drums will directly bolt over factory L200, L500 and L600 rear shoes and only requires the corresponding dust cap to their drum. This also converts the PCD to 4x100. You can use M100 drums although they require the rear bearings to be swapped for the corresponding stub axle and the shoes and wheel cylinder to match.

You can use rear discs, although these I have no personal experience with.

-Front Struts
You can reuse the factory L200, L500 and L600 Mira shocks and suspension provided you’re ok to slot either hole on the shock bolting flange to meet the different bolt spacing that the L700 and M100 knuckle use.
You can use either respective strut from a L700 or M100, but the top hat bolt spaces may be different, so you’ll need to figure that out on your own.

I only personally own a L500 and factory 14x5+45 M100 Steelies, but these sit within 5mm in the front guards and 10mm on my rear guards, though you do have to slightly roll the guard in the rear as it will rub otherwise. I don’t have a L200 to check although since they are more boxy styled you possibly can fit some larger rims.

Best of luck with your conversion and I’m happy to answer any questions :slight_smile:


I think the L700 wheel cylinders are bigger too and are a straight swap, which makes a noticeable diff.


I’ll have to give that a go, would be nice but this is quite the improvement from the stock Mira brakes.