4x100 for L2,L5,L6 and rear disc conversion for these and L7, Sirion, Copen and more

I have had an influx of people asking me about 4x100 conversions (mainly on facebook) in L2/L5 and L6 of late. If you are interested in finding out what needs to be done please watch my crappy youtubes to get some info and work out if you can do it or not. Should be a couple of play lists covering most stuff.

I also have vids of a k3ve2 being put in an l200, rear disc conversion from applause that would also work for L700, L251, Sirion and copen.
And some other non related car vids too lol

Be warned the vids are not top quality with bugger all editing and most are for information purposes not tv show style like most car vids these days.