4x100 to 4x114.3

Hello again chaps. Just wondered if there’s an easier way of changing to 4x114.3? I’ve got some adapters but didn’t really want to gain width as the wheels I have are gonna be a bit pokey anyway. Thank you.


yes blunt answer

I would say it would be easier to find wheels than do the swap you are thinking of. Sure there are a lot of 114.3 wheels but…

Mr Evil might know he did such on his L200


I had previously done a 4x114.3 swap on an L200 and it was successful. However I used, used parts to mock it together and when I got new parts there were differences.

If this is for an L7 I really suggest finding wheels in 4x100 it will be much less of a headache than trying this. The L7 will bring about new issue’s than what I encountered with L2’s


Thanks guys for the replies. I’ve already bought the wheels, so I guess it’s adapters Hahaha. I did think that.

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Adaptors may compromise how it drives as huge offset can do. Things like scrub radius changes would make the steering awfully heavy feel and less predictable handling.

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Ahh yes. OK thank you. Bit of trial and error involved.