92 mira ED-10 carby car to EJDE engine swap

I know these forums are helpful i have been trying to go over what i can and i am just having troubles finding the right info, Surely someone has done a EJ-DE swap into a mira that was factory carby car,

i have the engine in with the original 4 speed box and stuff no issues there iu have clutch cable sorted and throttle cable as well, the one thing i am having issues with is the wiring because the car was efi to start with i have no idea what pinouts and stuff i need to wire constant and switched power to as well as which ones need earths.

like i said surely someone has done this swap and can guide me right direction tell me what pinouts etc my motor and loom and ecu came out of a 1998 Daihatsui sirion M100 non immobiliser car (i pulled engine from donor car and made sure of it). Ive been reading adn reading and people have write ups on the ED20 mira to EJDE but they were factory efi so a pretty simple thing to wire up.

All help is appreciated in anyway shape or form be nice is the guide was dumb down to i struggle to read some wiring diagrams not my biggest strength

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I posted this in your intro


Did you just buy this or are you the guy selling it from the fb group?

Was the sirion ecu used?

What have you done for getting fuel to the motor?

Yer I’m one selling it and yes sirion ecu being used I put a oem sirion pump in the tank ran all new efi lines filters a fuel pressure reg

Also that guide I can’t get to work my car was factory carby so doesn’t have any of the factoryfuse box for efi setup etc

Then I think you’ll need to use the sirion engine loom and fuse stuff from the engine bay, probably wait till someone chimes in to confirm.

yer i will i have the sirion fuse box i dumbed down took all stuff that wasnt being used that they have but i have the sirion engine loom that goes to ecu its making a fuse block that will provide power and stuff to the ecu so it runs

So you have the engine loom and a dumb down fuse box from the sirion.

I think you’ll need to run wiring from the fuel pump, to the fuel pump relay, to the fuse box then to the ecu.

What parts of the sirion fuse box did you keep?

Do you have a picture of the l200 ecu? I can compare it against my ef-el one to see if the markings are the same

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Trying to dot he similar thing pal. I think i may have had a 660 efi though. Feel free to dm me or read my thread. Trying to figure out fuel pressure regulation atm.