93 HiJet Climber Rally build

Hi just getting the build thread started here. ill be linking videos of the progress and all other issues, questions , concerns, fixes, etc here in the build up.

the truck arrives off the boat in about 40 days and i am currently trying to source some parts for it

if any Hijet people or 4x110 lug pattern people know of a 12" beadlock or rally style wheel please link me to them.
so far this is the closest/ only wheel that looks close to the part http://raguna.jp/product/imx12/

Also if anyone has seen a build thread on another forum for swaping a 1L engine into a older JDM hijet please link me


Lil update, still waiting on the truck to get into country.

The digital side is coming along though we just finished the base vehicle model and it’s going to the concept artist next week


12“ is not a super common size, I would suggest maybe checking out what’s available for ATV‘s and cross-karts. Might be something suitable from this industry?

I’m Interested to see how this develops, can you share some more information? What software are you using? Some links to the kinds of events you’ll be competing in? Which engine and driveline you are planning?

We’ve found afew 12x8.00 that we can use by method that are beadlock and koenig that are standard wheels.

It will mainly be a charity event runner in its first stages so we are not going to be doing much to the 660cc engine. I am looking into re gearing it with charade gears to make it alittle steeper. But if the 660 does not perform like we expect (feedback from others says it will be fine under the new load). We will order a 1.3 from a atria and rework it to fit the turbo and supercharger. As for programs 3dmax, it’s going to make the weight and balance much easier when building the cage and cargo pod as well as the suspension.

Due to this covid nonsense we aren’t sure about our complete event schedule but until we work out all the systems and make some performance charts we are planning to run the gambler 500 events in afew states in the u.s. as well as some of the local am rally circuit events in our home state.

We will then have enough data to decide on the engine rebuild/replacement options. (Hopefully it won’t blow) and then we plan on a international appearance at the mongol rally in 2022. At this point we will have the truck fixed up into a true competition truck and see who will allow us to compete as a SxS or atv class. It would be a real dream come true to create a class of 1.3 L or less rally all in its own. I will be promoting this idea at all of the events and races we take it to but I expect nothing.


Rally build. Cool.
So I purchased a S85 Hc engine,and drive train for my S82 EF swap. Anyone know how well that will fit ?

Hey mate, your build sounds like its going to be awesome! Currently swapping a ej-de out of a Daihatsu Cuore into my Hijet climber. This might be a great option for what your aiming to achieve as-well!

The engine,gearbox,propshaft ,and rear axel all came out of a 98,s85 paiggio Porter so I hope it goes somewhat smoothly thanx for the post.